Craft for Hammarby

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Together with Hammarby Fotboll’s ad agency IK Stockholm, Pack Train was commissioned to develop a concept for the introduction of Craft as Hammarby Fotboll's new kit supplier. The concept included both the communication and PR as well as an event exclusively arranged for the club’s supporters.

In football, presenting a new kit supplier is a delicate matter. Few things are as sacred to supporters as the match jersey, and there are as many opinions about brands and shirt design as there are supporters to a club. It is even more delicate if the kit supplier in question is not a traditional football brand. So, the core of the concept - "Craft for Hammarby" - rests on the fact that when Craft enters as partner to Hammarby Fotboll, it is beneficial to the finances, to the sport, to the club’s youths and not the least: to the supporters

As the club was not allowed to communicate anything about the new partnership prior to launch, an invitation with a blank topic went out to supporters just before Christmas. The only information shared was about an upcoming supporter conference which allowed supporters to freely speculate about reasons for such a conference. This speculation helped to build momentum for the launch. The number of seats to the conference was capped to 500 and the tickets were ‘sold out’ in a couple of hours.

In the first week of January 2019, Craft was presented as Hammarby Fotboll's new kit supplier at a jam-packed supporter conference in Tele2 Arena. In order to address the topic in the best possible manner, the choice was made to focus the communication around the fact of the partnership being the financially largest partnership in the history of the club. Moreover, visitors could not only view the home shirt but also the away shirt, a cup shirt and a 3rd shirt plus the full range of training clothes. Lastly, supporters were informed before anyone else - media and other stakeholders had to wait for their turn.

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Social media exploded with positive reviews both in their own ranks as well as from rival supporters and shortly thereafter, media published the news of the collaboration between Craft and Hammarby.

The response from the club's supporters is unparalleled and Craft, together with Hammarby Fotboll, has set a new standard for how Swedish football clubs can knit together business with internal and external communication in the best possible way.

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