How Sweden’s finest exit-campaign was created

Skärmavbild 2018-01-24 kl. 15.55.47.png

Åbro has been a faithful partner of AIK Fotboll since 1994. During these 23 years its logo has decorated the center piece of the AIK jersey but 2017 will be the brewery’s last and final year as a jersey sponsor. Åbro wanted to leave with a bang and were open to creativity.

In this case Pack Train produced a creative concept for AIK. We did it pro-bono in order to prove our hypothesis about sponsorship 2.0. Meaning, if one stops treating sponsoring as a separate discipline and start to shift one’s focus from exposure to topics worth talking about, then one can make a true impact. Its all about the context as the context decides how you build relations to your target groups.

The context in this case was the symbolism between icons in football and the most iconic place on the jersey. Hence, we suggested that Åbro should give up their logo on behalf of Hjärt-Lungfonden (Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation) and to connect the initiative to the late AIK-keeper Ivan Turina who tragically passed away in sleep due to a heart failure in 2013. Not only did his death affect AIK and Åbro – but the entire Swedish football community.

The project was launched during the pre-season league kick off and received massive attention. Never before has news about a leaving sponsor generated over 60 articles along with interviews on national TV, and thousands of comments on social media. All in one single day. Both AIK and Åbro were praised by team supporters as well as rival clubs and supporters and Åbro became the trending topic on Twitter. All this was achieved without a single logotype on the jersey.